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swim lessons in english

We offer both private lessons and group classes for children and adults in Warsaw, Poland.

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Let's go for a swim!

what do we offer

Our swim classes are carefully designed to make learning fun and engaging through guided play. We teach children ranging from 5 to 17 years old, as well as adults at all ages, because every age is great for improving your swimming skills.

FUN & Quality

We offer swim lessons all year round with a 5:1 maximum student-to-teacher-ratio to ensure the highest quality of our lessons. Our attentive and energetic instructors are passionate about showing students just how fun it can be to learn a life skill that’s as important as swimming. Our instructors are not only trained in swimming drills and games, but also in the proper psychology of teaching.

Level UP!

We believe that by properly navigating through the students' emotions, we can create high class engagement, accelerate the learning rate, and create a long-lasting relationship between the student and the sport. Not only do our flexible class times work well with busy schedules, but our specially structured programs will motivate your child to rise through our levels, and we are here to celebrate every achievement along the way.

Sign up for a trial lesson and Meet our instructors

Sign up for a trial lesson
After completing the first class, you decide for yourself whether you want to start your swimming adventure with us. During the first class, you will meet our instructors and feel the positive energy of swimming with us!

What makes 5Styl special?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our lessons are not only fun, but also a solid dose of knowledge. See what matters to us the most!


Our program was created with the maximum engagement in mind to accelerate learning

good vibes

We strongly believe that positive emotions are key for effective learning


We practice in small groups and are flexible with scheduling classes


Our instructors are friendly and full of positive energy


We have our ways of motivating each individual!


Class quality is the highest priority for us


Have a question? Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most! If you want to know more, click here to contact us.

Who are the classes for?

Our lessons are for everyone. Regardless of whether you are about to go to college or retire from work - age doesn’t matter! It is never too late to start. If you want to learn to swim - contact us, we will be thrilled to help you out in the water. First lesson is completely free. You decide after the first class if you want to continue. But, spoiler alert, you will most likely want to stay with us for longer!

Private or group class?

For a young swimmer who is just starting their swimming journey we recommend choosing private lessons to learn new skills faster. Being in the water can be stressful enough, we want to make sure your child gets all of the instructor’s attention in the beginning so that they can gain confidence and get used to the new environment. Group classes are a great option for those who are past their first contact with water and feel comfortable working in a group.

Do you offer make-ups for missed group swim lessons?

Yes, we allow make-ups for missed lessons during the lessons of other groups in the same month of the absence. Group joined for the make-up swim must be at a similar level of advancement. We kindly ask you to speak with your regular instructor in order to arrange a convenient date.

Sign up for a trial lesson

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